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Social Work Masters Programs

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While a Master's in Social Work may be the most obvious choice for you if you want to get into social work on a graduate level, there are other degree options you can pursue. It's important to note that if you want to become a licensed social worker, you may need a Bachelor's in Social Work prior to pursuing one of these degrees.

Master's in Social Work

A Master's degree in social work may allow you to work towards a few different career paths. This degree tends to prepare you for two types of careers: administrative social work or licensed clinical social work. You may take courses in social work law, treatment methods for people of different ages, and the overall goals of social work. An MSW program tends to require 1000 to 1500 hours of clinical work, so there's a big emphasis on practical learning and application of your knowledge.

Master's in Family and Consumer Sciences

If you want to work specifically with families and children, a Master's in Family and Consumer Sciences may be the right choice for you. This degree has a large focus on how families work, research into different family types, and human development. You may take courses in subjects like family research, how children affect families, family growth and development, and transition in family structures. Unlike an MSW, this degree does not usually require clinical work. However, you may be expected to complete an internship.

Master's in Public Administration Policy

While an MSW is often the go-to degree for people who want to work on the clinical side of social work, public administration policy is a field that prepares you to work on the administrative side of social work. Some of the classes you may take include Fundamentals of Public Administration, Public Policy, Foundations of Leadership, and Strategic Policy Environment. With this degree, you may be able to work as a policy administrator or supervisor in social work.

Master's in Family Studies

Family studies is a field that may suit you if you want to work with children and families. It is similar to a Master's in Family and Consumer Sciences, but it tends to focus more on the relationships between parents and children, in addition to marriage. It may be a good degree choice if you want to work as a child counselor or marriage counselor. Courses include Family Advocacy, Adolescence and the Family System, Marriage Education, and Marriage Research.